Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome to Successions of Me

Successions of Me

Hey there, my name is Marcia Chan and welcome to Successions of Me. My internet home to share my motivations, thoughts, ideas, opinions and personal projects with you. A place where you can share yours critiques, ideas and opinions with me and others, as well.  In the past, I had so many people tell me I should share my work and ideas. I should start my own blog and write about my creations: showcase my work. I am a photographer. I am NO writer; moreover I am NO blogger. I write with my images, not with pen and paper. I hope this blog helps me develop my writing skills, as well as showcase my creations.

With my blog, I hope to encourage you to see how easy (or not so easy) it is to see art in things you do and look at.  Art is all around us; it just depends on how you look at it. I will share practices from my personal experiences, and hopefully it can help you realize that simple little things can help turn a bad day or idea into a great day or idea. A long time ago, I promised myself if I ever got a chance to really get into my photography full time that I would jump at the opportunity. I want to inspire you to follow through with your dreams, because that’s what I am doing. I am living my dream of becoming a successful full time photographer and artist.

I L-O-V-E feedback and comments… so please contribute your insight.  I really want to hear what you gurls and guys have to say. Please be kind and respectful with your replies.  (Treat others the way you want to be treated and respected.)
Thank you for reading, and Welcome to Successions of Me.................To be continued

Some fun facts about me:

I love hello kitty         I never grew up. I’m still a toy r us kid.
I am a shoe freak      I have over 150 pairs of shoes in my closet (yes I am a shoe fanatic)
I love chips                I have changed my sweet, salty snack food to healthy chips and snacks, but I still love dip with my healthy chips on occasion
I love affirmations     I post positive affirmations on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day. It’s my way of keep a positive mindset and encouraging others to do the same.


  1. Successions of Me! I LOVE it! Honestly, I am inspired by your blog. I want to create my own. I am excited to see the next blog. I would like to see you add to your Fun Facts about your passion for photography and how you got started and who or what encouraged you. Post about your struggles along the way to allow the readers to see what you went through as an artist. This will enable other inspiring artist to know that it is ok to struggle and not to get discouraged.

    I am so PROUD of you!


  2. Wow... Very impressive and positive energy and vision. Look forward to the blog... Pressure is on to project tranquil visions.

  3. Macia, Awesome job considering this is your first blog. Keep it up and continue to strive. You will definitely succeed.

  4. Congratulations Marcia, keep up the good work. Continue to follow your passions. Good luck and God bless! Love you!

  5. My beautiful wife I wish you all the success in life, and God bless you in all your endeavors. Love you♥